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There are several benefits and advantages why you might want to have Vending Business Locator for your high traffic locations:

Vending Business Locator is Your Money Making Asset when Looking for Locations.

The many hours, days and even weeks spent searching for locations could be much better invested in your work, business or family. Also most people do not enjoy rejection, and searching for locations generally requires that you be willing to endure lots of it.

Very often the excitement of owning a vending machine business wears off quickly when a vending machine owner tries to get great locations for his or her vending equipment without a Vending Business Locator.

Facing repeated rejections when proposing placing vending machines at local businesses can put down even the most enthusiastic vending machine owner turned locator. As a vendor you always need to place yourself squarely in the shoes of the person who would be providing you a vending location.

A Vending Business Locator gives you the objectivity of a third party representing you who has had this exact conversation hundreds of thousands of times.

A good Vending Business Locator may well be your best asset when it comes to growing your business and expanding your route or deciding which machines are the most reliable and/or profitable for you, in your area.

And... We know how to help you beat your competition!

We understand the only way for us to provide you with the best service is to be constantly relentlessly systematic in the work we do for you. We understand that quality comes through consistency.

You need real customer support and constant communication. You're not just hiring a vending machine locator; you're getting a business partner. We help you on the entire locating process. All you have to do is reach out to us. Rest assured we will work and assist on it.

Your input into your locating job is also invited and welcomed. You are asked to provide us with the parameters preferred in your locating job to get the results you want. Including the areas you wish to search, types of businesses and even specific locations you want us to touch base with.


Once you made your upfront payment to order your first location, we will start the search in the parameters you request. We will send you a location to check out and meet with. If the location is good and you and the location agree on moving forward, we will ask for the second half of the money.

If the location is no good from your point of view or if the location declines once you meet, we will continue the search on your location, until your location is secured.

If the Location accepts the machine but within 60 days, from date of installation, they ask you to take the machine out, we will then search and find you a replacement for free as soon as you let us know.



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